Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Best FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Tips And Suggestions

The Best FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Tips And Suggestions

Fifa 18 is COMING! Start 29th September!
Here you may find the The Best FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Tips And Suggestions.

If you are a good player or a new one, you should read these Fifa 18 tips and suggestions, because you could find good and interesting ideas.

So, here we are! Go ahead with The Best FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Tips And Suggestions:

The Best FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Tips And Suggestions: Skills And Tactics

  1. Take your time: choose the best Fifa 18 edition, and if it's not necessary to pay a lot to have superflous cards, take the edition one; it's probably the best;
  2. If you are a new Fifa 18 Ultimate Player don't play online mode right away! Read Fifa 18 guides, tutorial, tips, suggestions, see video tutorial and play offline mode, play in arena and play with the skill game;
  3. Even if you are a good player of Fifa 18 Ultimate Team, follow the suggestion at the previous point: it's important to approach gradually to the new game;
  4. Please make a favor to yourself: don't forfeit online match: it's stupid and harmful, because it reduces your %DNF and your coins at the end of the match;
  5. choose your best tactics depending on your way to play: we'll write a guide about Fifa 18 Ultimate Team Formations (stay tuned);

The Best FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Tips And Suggestions: EAS FC Catalogue

  1. The EAS FC Catalogue is a kind of store or marketplace, where you can buy hundreds of items with your earned FCC (Football Club Credits): well, USE IT!
  2. Buy all the 99 contract items and use them on the most important players of your team, those you will never sell;
  3. Take all the loan players and use them in the first time of your FUT 18 adventure;
  4. Take all the coin boost items to earn much more coins in every match;
  5. Buy all the balls and kits and sell quikly them on the marketplace of FUT 18: so you can convert items into coins;

The Best FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Tips And Suggestions: Packs, Players and Cards

  1. Redeem every single Fifa 18 Ultimate Team daily guft;
  2. Complete all the manager task;
  3. Don't buy Top Player in the first month: take your time, you should buy good players, in every role, that could be substitutes in your final team;
  4. Choose players valuating not only thei rating, but analizing their stats (Pace and Physic first of all), role, chemistry and league;
  5. First of all buy players and create your first and unique team: don't create other team, don't buy stadiums, kit, badges, balls;
  6. If you find a Top Player in a pack don't sell it immediately: you should see the market and coose the perfect time to sell;
  7. Don't buy IF Players untill you complete your starting 11 players and substitutes;
  8. Avoid buyng Fifa Packs because the probability to find Top Players are very low;
  9. Put a few coins apart for good deals or in case of need (injury, low physical condition, contracts).

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