Friday, July 28, 2017

FIFA 18 Companion App Release

In this article we talk about Fifa 18 Companion App release and its features, how to download it and other details.

Thanks to FIFA 18 Companion App you stay connected to the FUT 18 world everywhere and every time you want.

With FIFA 18 Companion App you can manage your Fifa 18 Ultimate Team club when you need it and want it, purchase packs, access to transfer market and buy items, consumables, staff or players.

Fifa 18 Companion App is different from Fifa Mobile: in fact, while Fifa Mobile is a real videogame and you can play it without having a console Fifa 18 account, Fifa 18 Companion App is an application for mobile devices, and it requires you to have an Origin account connected to FIFA 18.
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This is the list of FIFA 18 Companion App features:

  • managing your FUT 18 Club to improve chemistry, formations and players;
  • access to transfer market to buy players, items, staff and consumables;
  • improve your SBC (Squad Building Challenges) experience;
  • buy packs from FUT Store;
  • use Concept Squad;
  • see TOTW history.

In last year, Fifa Companion App is released in the same days of Fifa Web App, and 7-10 day before the launch game:

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