Monday, July 24, 2017

Guide For Skill Moves Of FIFA 18: New, Updates and Commands

In this Guide you can find a guide for all the skill moves of FIFA 18.
All the new and updates skill moves of Fifa 18 in a single post.

Every Fifa 18 Skill Move is characterized by a number of stars, that indicates the difficulty of performance, and players too have a number of stars between 1 and 5 in their skill stats.

Naturally the players with higher skills can reproduce most complex moves.

In FIFA 18, probably, these are the 5 stars skill moves players:

These are the players with 4 stars skill moves in Fifa 17 with a probably upgrade to 5 stars:

If when you attack, especially against human opponents, you usually use these moves, you should have attention to this guide and learn how to perform some of these.

In fact, we think that it's impossible, and useless, to learn how to perform a lot of Fifa 18 skill moves: you are ok if you are able to perform three o four of Fifa 18 skill moves.

Here we list all the skill moves of Fifa 18 with command and buttons:


  •  Ball Juggle (while standing)
  •  Foot fake (while standing)


  •  Body feint (left or right)
  •  Ball roll (left or right)
  •  Drag back (while standing)
  •  Reverse stepover (left or right)
  •  Stepover (left or right)

  •  Fake left and go right
  •  Fake right and go left
  •  Flick up
  •  Heel flick
  •  Roulette (left or right)

  •  Advanced rainbow
  •  Ball hop (while standing)
  •  Ball Roll Cut Left
  •  Ball Roll Cut Right
  •  Feint left and exit right
  •  Feint right and exit left
  •  Heel to heel flick
  •  Simple rainbow
  •  Spin Left
  •  Spin Right
  •  Stop and turn left/right (while running)

  •  Ball roll and flick left (while running)
  •  Ball roll and flick right (while running)
  •  Ball roll fake left (while standing)
  •  Ball roll fake right (while standing)
  •  Ball Roll Flick to Rabona Shot
  •  Bolasie Flick Left/Right to Overhead Flick
  •  Elastico
  •  Elastico chop left
  •  Elastico chop right
  •  Fake Pass to Fake Drag Back
  •  Fake Pass to Fancy Pass
  •  Fake Pass to Quick Ball Rolls to Drag Back
  •  Fake Rabona to Heel Flick Turn
  •  Hocus pocus
  •  Neymar Stepover
  •  Okocha Sombrero
  •  Quick ball rolls (while standing)
  •  Rabona fake (while jogging)
  •  Reverse elastico
  •  Ronaldo Spin (NEW - temporary name)
  •  Sombrero flick (while standing)
  •  Stepovers to Bolasie Flick Left/Right
  •  Triple elastico
  •  Turn and spin (left or right)
  •  V Drag
  •  Around the world
  •  Chest flick
  •  Flick up for volley
  •  In air elastico
  •  Laces flick up
  •  Reverse In air elastico
  •  Sombrero flick backwards
  •  Sombrero flick left
  •  Sombrero flick right
  •  T. around the world

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