Friday, September 29, 2017

Best Centre Backs For Fifa 18 Career Mode

If you are building your team in Fifa 18 career mode but you are not sure about which centre backs to buy, don't worry! You are in the right place!
In this article we will suggest the best centre backs for Fifa 18 career mode.

Generally, in career mode, we don't give much attention in buying good centre backs, spending our budget on midfielders and strikers.

But, in Fifa 18, the defense is very important, because in this year, the game is very attacking and scores oriented!
So you have to choose the best centre backs of Fifa 18!

How to choose the best centre backs for Fifa 18 Career Mode

To choose the best centre backs of Fifa 18, we consider some criteria:

  • no age limitation;
  • initial overall of 80;
  • potential greater than 83.

In the table below, you will have different information on Fifa 18 best centre backs so that you can have fun ordering them for your favorite features:
  • age,
  • overall;
  • potential;
  • value;
  • contract;
  • team;
  • defensive skills like marking, jumping, stamina, acceleration.

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